Empower employees, create confidence and enable compliance with digital work instructions

Use digital work instructions to speed training, improve productivity, and increase accuracy

Smartphones have made life incredibly convenient – it’s almost hard to recall how we worked without them. When’s the last time you sent a fax? Developed a photo? Dialed a phone number by hand? Digitalization is making our lives easier. Realtime updates. Immediate connections. Incredible accuracy (when controlling for user error!). And yet…manufacturing lags when it comes to digital implementation. Do you still use paper-based work instructions? Printed procedures and checklists? (Maybe they’re documents on a computer.) Digital work instructions offer a real opportunity to level-up.

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Our world is changing rapidly. Industrial workers are retiring faster than they can be replaced.

“We can’t afford to take our best people off the floor to train new employees – we’re already struggling to hit production targets!”

Sound familiar?

Paperless work instructions can help if

You're experiencing or anticipating a worker shortage

Accurate reporting and transparency are a priority (even required for product quality or safety compliance)

You’ve got a disproportionately large number of untrained or under-trained workers.

Digital work instructions allow your employees to work smarter

At our core, LCE is focused on industrial asset management and optimization. No matter how much you might want to reduce a problem to equipment or process, when you’re in pursuit of excellence, you need to identify where improvement is most needed and most impactful.

That’s why we consider people, process, technology and assets. A smart operation starts with a smart culture. A culture of continuous improvement starts with a smart culture. 

It includes developing, deploying and iterating on the processes and documentation that ensures employees do the right work, the right way, at the right time. We’ll provide live workshops to ‘train the trainers’ about system administration, job authoring and job execution. We’ll help you prepare initial equipment asset data. And we’ll help you create job plan templates and launch your digital work instructions

We’ve even curated an online system to support these efforts: the LCEsmartr Playbook, an online operational management system complete with standard electronic work instructions, training, practitioner tools, and management dashboards to support your asset management and reliability program. 

Learn more about the LCEsmartr Playbook here.

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