ISO 55000 is within your reach

Whether your goal is ISO 55000 compliance or ISO 55001 certification, we can help

On the surface, ISO 55000 is a set of standards to manage an industrial operation’s assets, but read between the lines and you’ll discover it’s so much more.

If you’re ready to improve your organizational performance, reduce operational costs, and build stakeholder confidence in your business, we can help.

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ISO 55000 compliance

ISO 55000 compliance can transform your organization by:

  • Optimizing asset performance and reducing operational costs in a cycle of continuous improvement
  • Emphasizing data-driven decision-making about asset management and throughout the organization
  • Improving employee morale and retention by moving workers out of “firefighting” mode and improving their quality of work life
  • Inspiring customers with confidence that you can meet their needs on time, on budget, and on spec
  • Enhancing your organization’s reputation for commitment to quality, reliability and sustainability

Why risk-based asset management?

Because your equipment's going to need maintenance to avoid breakdown.

It’s not a matter of if – it’s when. We’ll help you identify your most critical assets and the risk they pose to your bottom line in the event of a major failure, and develop a strategy to cover the life cycle of your assets.

We meet you where you are, then help you get where you want to be.

Whether your current asset management strategy is more reactive or proactive, we’ll work with you to identify gaps and opportunities in your current system, then develop the necessary processes and capabilities to create a measurable, robust, and ISO 55000-compliant asset management plan. 

In doing so, we’ll also help you create a culture of continuous improvement – because once you have a reliability-based approach, you’ll find the time your team’s been using to fight fires can be re-dedicated to improvement. You’ll create a loop of continued optimization!

Take this assessment to find out how your current asset management plan compares to ISO 55000 best practices.

At our core, LCE is focused on industrial asset management and optimization.

Whether you’re launching a new facility or improving an existing operation, we can help you achieve ISO 55000 compliance or ISO 55001 certification. Along the way, we’ll identify ways to help you reduce operating costs and improve equipment reliability and plant availability to increase productivity and throughput. 

But it’s not enough to address your physical assets. To reach ISO 55000 compliance, your asset management strategy needs to be holistic. No matter how much we want to reduce a problem to assets, we need to consider people, process and technology, too. 

When you consider physical assets, people, process and technology – the ‘whole picture’ – we call that a smart culture.

Let’s get to work.

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