Leadership Team

Leadership Team

We’re all about people.

Our vision is to be the best engineering consulting company in the world.

Our job, as a leadership team, is to create the right conditions for our people to be at their best so they can bring their best.

Vice President of Business Development and Capture
President and Chief Executive Officer
Vice President, Human Resources and Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer
Vice President, Reliability Consulting Group
Chief Financial Officer
Vice President, Federal Solutions Group

When I think about why I continue to sign up for travel to remote parts of the world to live with operations teams for months at a time, it’s not because I have to. It’s because I want to see them get better, and I know I can help.


Rick Wheeler

Vice President, Professional Services

I knew LCE from my years with the Navy, long before I joined their team. LCE has a very strong reputation, not only for knowing Navy operations as well as we do, but also for just being really nice, hard-working, fun people to work with.

Larry Tate

Larry Tate

Vice President, Water Engineering Services

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