What Would Your Digital Transformation Report Card Say?

digital transformation - life cycle engineering
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Are you exceeding expectations, or even meeting them, or is your operation in need of intensive support to reach your goals? Take this quick assessment to gauge your organization’s digital transformation maturity.

While “digital transformation” is enjoying the spotlight right now, it’s far from sunshine and daisies. Nine out of 10 executives plan to increase adoption of new and emerging technologies, but only a quarter are developing a holistic Industry 4.0 strategy. 

What do we mean when we say “digital transformation”?

First, let’s get some definitions out of the way.

digital transformation - life cycle engineering


When we talk with our customers, we prefer to use the term “smart manufacturing and operations”:



But wait – how does Industry 4.0 fit in with all of this?

Industry 4.0 is focused on the technology and physical assets themselves. The hardware and the software in a factory. 

How ‘smart’ is your operation?

How many of these activities can you confidently say you’ve done?

  • Developed a high level Digital Manufacturing Strategy Policy
  • Completed  an  assessment and got clear picture of your current digital capabilities
  • Developed the Digital Transformation Strategy and roadmap 
  • Built a Digital Transformation Project Master Plan that includes:
    • Organizational change management practices 
    • Effective asset management processes
    • Asset master data collection and asset hierarchy development
    • Value Stream mapping to identify critical path operations
  • Followed a “whole factory” approach, considering and addressing the impact on people, processes, equipment and technology
  • Continue to monitor and optimize your operations


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