LCE Helps New York’s MTA and LIRR Improve Asset Management Across all Track Departments

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LCE Partners with MTA Bus Support Fleet Services

Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) has been the busiest operating passenger rail system in North America, with uninterrupted service since 1834. The LIRR network contains over 124 stations, 1,000 passenger cars, 700 miles of track, and serves 80-100 million riders each year. LIRR’s parent organization, New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), is an extremely asset-intensive organization with an asset registry valued in excess of $1.0 trillion.

In 2017, New York’s MTA and LIRR awarded Life Cycle Engineering a $5.5 million task order to implement and deliver MTA’s chosen Enterprise Asset Management Information System (EAM-IS) capabilities. LCE is helping the LIRR Engineering Foundations Program achieve the following objectives:

  • Implementation of Infor EAM and Bentley Optram software (the primary components of EAM-IS) at LIRR.
  • Capturing LIRR’s engineering infrastructure assets and location registries for a defined set of asset classes.
  • Deployment of cross-discipline work management functionality to support defect management and management of maintenance programs.
  • Recording, tracking, and reporting of asset condition assessments.
  • Training of end users, engineering asset management, LIRR EAM/GIS and MTA IT technical support.
  • Design and development of management reporting and key performance indicators.

As prime contractor, LCE assembled the best firms in the market to implement the EAMIS software products. The highly qualified team, including Advoco, Bentley Systems Inc, and 2 DBE firms (Infosys and Encada), brought together a collective understanding and innovative approach to providing LIRR with operational EAM solutions that cover the aspects of a successful implementation of these products. The team is fully committed to the success of LIRR and MTA’s asset management initiatives.

The 24-month scope of work was issued to augment existing project staff of LIRR with Infor EAM configuration experts and Bentley’s Optram and InspectTech technical experts. This allows the team to gradually transfer its knowledge to the LIRR organization.

This project entailed LIRR’s federated execution of the centralized MTA Asset Management strategy. All project efforts were coordinated with the MTA EAM-IS Standard Build and other MTA EAM concurrent related projects and initiatives to ensure that the technology implementation is informed by MTA accepted standards such as MTA asset information standards, asset condition assessment methodologies, linear asset strategies, and corporate EAM requirements.

The EAM-IS capabilities are primarily based on the strategic implementation of INFOR’s EAM and Bentley’s Optram technologies. Within the project scope, Infor EAM and Bentley Optram are being integrated with ESRI ARCGIS and PeopleSoft. The EAM-IS software suites were competitively chosen under the auspices of MTA’s Asset Management Improvement Program (AMIP) in a multi-year procurement process led by the Asset Management leaders in each of the MTA’s divisions.

This project was awarded as a staff augmentation project. The intention is to transfer the knowledge from the vendor team to the LIRR end users. In that spirit, Team LCE has embedded with LIRR and MTA IT at each workstream level of the project breakdown. Team members are paired with at least one MTA employee throughout the four tactical phases of the project:

  1. Discovery
  2. Design
  3. Develop
  4. Deploy

Helping New York’s MTA and LIRR to manage their assets more effectively is a major step in Life Cycle Engineering’s strategic initiative to support our asset–intensive public transit clients in achieving their strategic goals.

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