Loss Elimination

Chronic reliability, productivity and quality losses can significantly inflate the cost of goods sold and your plant’s ability to retain market share. Life Cycle Engineering, Inc. (LCE) can identify waste and losses that are adversely affecting plant performance. These losses may include energy usage, direct materials, asset utilization and asset performance. By providing specific recommendations for eliminating controllable waste and losses, and by providing the means to mitigate those that can’t be fully eliminated, LCE experts can help you reduce the cost of goods sold by up to 20%.


Scope of Services:

  • Meet with plant personnel to review known waste and loss issues
  • Review existing data and compare to best-in-class plants to identify opportunities
  • Perform Root Cause Analysis (RCA) on top three opportunities
  • Provide a report that defines the opportunity and recommends specific actions to eliminate losses


A qualified reliability engineer or engineers will:

  • Meet with plant personnel to gain an understanding of known waste and loss issues
  • Review and evaluate historical performance, cost, reliability and maintenance data to isolate potential loss elimination opportunities
  • Compare current plant data to comparable best-in-class plants to identify opportunities for loss elimination
  • Develop prioritized list of loss elimination opportunities, including estimated impact on performance
  • Perform RCA on the top three loss elimination opportunities
  • Develop a report that concisely defines the opportunity and specific recommendations for loss elimination


  • A formal report that defines the top three losses discovered through the evaluation process. The report will:
    – Briefly describe each of the problems or issues
    – Define the root cause or causes of each of the problems
    – Estimate the potential impact of deviations
    – Recommend corrective or remedial actions
  • A complete listing of losses and waste identified by this scope of work 


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