LCEsmartr Training

LCEsmartr Training

The future of industrial work is variable.

Your training program has never been more critical.

If you run an industrial business today, your ability to find, train and support the right people is under continual pressure.

Your tribal knowledge is exiting the workforce – more than 50% of all manufacturing workers are over the age of 55. Your team members move on, and quickly. Tenure is down to 3 years with a median of 12 months in the job. 

Never before has training been more crucial. You need training scaled to meet your needs, delivered where, when and how you need it.

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LCEsmartr Training

World-class programs built by experts in instructional design, facilitated by experts in asset management and reliability who truly care about solving difficult problems, supporting people’s development, and helping clients achieve the best outcomes.

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