Data Readiness and Smart Manufacturing in Action

Season 2 Episode 3 of Get Smartr Podcast - an LCE Podcast

In our latest episode, titled "Data Readiness and Smart Manufacturing in Action," we uncover the secrets behind achieving reliable operations through data readiness and smart manufacturing. Join us as we explore how organizations leverage their EAM/CMMS effectively and delve into the significance of relevant and useful data, cultivating a culture of data stewardship, and the role of data-driven decision-making.
Follow along as we provide insights into a current client's implementation of new equipment and processes, revealing the practical applications of data readiness in real-world scenarios. Discover why companies strategically invest in this technology, partner with Life Cycle Engineering, and utilize the LCE Smartr Platform to drive success.

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The Get Smartr podcast brings together industrial asset management, engineering, reliability, maintenance, operations, human performance, and change management professionals and thought leaders for in-depth discussions and knowledge sharing of best practices for improving operational performance.

Each episode features interviews with Life Cycle Engineering’s subject matter experts, plus insights from past and current clients, executives, partners, and industry thought leaders. Through our episodes, listeners will gain a holistic view of how to achieve a “smart culture” that is foundational to improving performance, reducing risk, and engaging employees.


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