Is a smart culture for everyone?

Decades in operational leadership, dozens of industries, and more organizations than we can count all say yes! LCE can help manufacturing companies like yours lower their operating costs, improve compliance and increase throughput.

The dairy industry may not have a lot in common with a utility service provider at first glance…but scratch beneath the surface and you’ll see what we’ve known for decades. The success of any operation relies on people, physical assets, process and technology working together to make each other better. That’s a smart culture.

When you partner with LCE you benefit from:

  • Almost 50 years’ experience delivering results around the globe
  • A systems-based approach to transformation
  • Program management experience and expertise for operational performance 
  • Integrated capability building and change management
  • An industry-leading portal with a reliability process body of knowledge, analytical tools, measures and benchmarks
  • Experienced practitioners
  • Comprehensive training and certifications through our Life Cycle Institute

We have deep and wide experience in many industries, including:

Increase in direct maintenance labor productivity
0 %
Increase in heat rate
0 %
Reduction in total operating costs
0 %
Reduction in capital expense
0 %

Services We Offer


Learn how our standard process of Assess, Define and Deploy helps clients build a fit-for-purpose strategy.

Our asset management capabilities assessment is a comprehensive diagnostic tool for understanding the foundation of your asset management system. Learn more about LCE’s Asset Management System Implementation Framework and Capital Delivery.

Risk-Based Asset Management (RBAM®) strategy couples risk management, standard work and condition-based maintenance to properly apply resources based on process criticality.

Outages can only be successful when the outage work is planned effectively. Read the article: Optimizing Outages Through Effective Task Planning

Our Preventive Maintenance Optimization services can help your organization avoid ineffective preventive and predictive maintenance. Learn more about Advanced Predictive Maintenance.

The Life Cycle Institute offers a variety of courses and certification programs to help you, developed by Certified Learning Professionals teamed with our most seasoned Subject Matter Experts. Training is delivered virtually or in person for both private and public attendance. We also offer eLearning modules which support just-in-time training.

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