Is a smart culture for everyone?

Decades in operational leadership, dozens of industries and more organizations than we can count, say yes.

The dairy industry may not have a lot in common with a utility service provider at first glance, but scratch beneath the surface and you’ll see what we’ve known for decades.

The success of any operation relies on people, process and technology working together to make each other better. That’s a smart culture and it’s for every operation.




Pharma Products

Increased capacity 15%
Reduced COGS 5%

ROI > 20:1
(18 months)

Healthcare Products

Increased availability > 15%
Improved OEE 10%
Reduced maintenance costs 20%

ROl > 15:1
(3 years)

Primary Metals
(34 Plants)

Reduced maintenance spending 10%
Increased capacity (% confidential)

ROl 5:1 to 16:1
(3 years)

Metals Processing

Reduced maintenance spending 20%
Increased anode capacity 10%
Increased aluminum capacity 4%

ROl 16:1
(3 years)


Increased capacity through OEE
improvements of greater than 2%

ROl > 11:1
(3 years)


Increased capacity of high speed process > 25%
Reduced COGS 10%

ROl > 20:1
(24 months to date)

We have deep and wide experience in many industries, including:

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