Preventive Maintenance Optimization (PMO)


Many plants and facilities have ineffective preventive and predictive maintenance procedures in place. Redundant, non-value-added maintenance procedures waste time and money. If you want to improve your PM/PdM program in order to improve equipment performance and productivity, LCE can help you apply the appropriate procedures quickly.

LCE will refine and optimize your current Preventive Maintenance program to incorporate industry best practices in the areas of equipment criticality, failure mode and effects methodology, EMP to PM/PdM procedure reconciliation, and safety and craft skill utilization and application.

Scope of Services:

  • Define equipment to be included in the PM/PdM program optimization
  • Review current program, documentation and procedures
  • Review equipment work order history
  • Create report that describes findings and deficient areas and includes an action plan for improvement


Working with your Preventive Maintenance program owners and key personnel, the LCE asset management specialist will:

  • Review Top 10 Bad Actor List
  • Assess equipment criticality methodology
  • Define equipment to be included in the PM/PdM program optimization 
  • Assess current equipment maintenance plan content
  • Analyze PM/PdM requirements
  • Review technical documentation
  • Assess current PM /PdM procedures and determine effectiveness and applicability
  • Analyze equipment work order history 
  • Draft detailed report describing all findings, deficient areas and action plan for improvement


  • Detailed report describing all PM/PdM review findings and deficient areas
  • Action plan for improvement

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