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The Reliability Engineering Certification prepares reliability professionals to achieve maximum results in this strategic business role.

This university-backed program is designed for people who are responsible for improving asset and capacity reliability and creating a culture of continuous improvement. This program equips participants to:

  • Build and sustain a strategic reliability engineering program
  • Prepare control strategies that reduce risk and improve asset utilization
  • Determine predictive strategies and build an effective predictive maintenance program
  • Establish a root cause analysis program that will lead to reduced downtime, increased production and a culture of continuous improvement
  • Demonstrate practical learning application
  • Use the REC title designation beside your name

REC Requirements:



Maintenance Management Certification and Reliability Engineering Certification: A Maintenance Specialist’s Perspective

Program Information
$1895 per course
$2495 for work product

CEUs 8.4

Work Product Reviews (Virtual):

February 2021
(projects due Jan 22, 2021)

September 2021
(projects due Aug 13, 2021)

Facilitators Make the Difference: Featuring Mike Smith


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