Taste Success: Our Recipe for a Smart Culture

Season 2 Episode 1 of Get Smartr Podcast - an LCE Podcast

Dive into a transformative episode on the latest Get Smartr Podcast, featuring Wade Watson, Executive Director of Operational Excellence at Life Cycle Engineering (LCE).


In this episode, Wade draws from his extensive 30-year career in various industries, offering profound insights into the transformative power of cultivating a smart culture for continuous improvement.
Discover the strategies that have fueled LCE's success over nearly 50 years, making a tangible impact on performance improvement. Dive into the heart of leadership thinking, hearing the essential elements of creating a culture that not only embraces change but thrives on it. From metrics and change management to the critical role of employee engagement, this episode is a playbook for anyone looking to revolutionize their organization's operational performance.

Don't miss out on this enriching conversation! Tune in to the episode and gain actionable strategies and real-life success stories.

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The Get Smartr podcast brings together industrial asset management, engineering, reliability, maintenance, operations, human performance, and change management professionals and thought leaders for in-depth discussions and knowledge sharing of best practices for improving operational performance.

Each episode features interviews with Life Cycle Engineering’s subject matter experts, plus insights from past and current clients, executives, partners, and industry thought leaders. Through our episodes, listeners will gain a holistic view of how to achieve a “smart culture” that is foundational to improving performance, reducing risk, and engaging employees.


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