The Power of Lean: Unleashing Efficiency in Industrial Excellence

Season 2 Episode 2 of Get Smartr Podcast - an LCE Podcast

Join us on the latest episode of Get Smartr Podcast as we delve into the world of Lean Thinking with Mary French, Principal Consultant at French BPO. Mary, an expert in Business Process Optimization, unravels the essence of Lean concepts and their seamless integration with reliability initiatives. Discover how Lean aligns with the agile manifesto, creating high-performing teams and driving continuous improvement in industrial settings.

Learn from Mary's insights on common misapplications of Lean, indicators for Lean interventions, and real-life success stories, including a cast iron cookware manufacturer reducing waste by 35%. Mary also provides actionable steps for introducing Lean at your workplace, fostering transparent communication and collaboration.

Let's continue our journey toward operational excellence with Lean Thinking. Listen now and stay Smarter, always!

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