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LCE’s Mine Performance Optimization (MPO) model fully integrates key Reliability and Operations Excellence concepts with selected lean and continuous improvement tools supported by a well-defined change management process that ensures performance and overall process sustainability.

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Solve Your Chronic Reliability Issues

Within the mining vertical, many of the newer industry improvement concepts have not been used. The MPO model is designed as a comprehensive approach for solving chronic and persistent reliability and operational efficiency issues. MPO applies methodical continuous improvement approaches to the mining operation (value stream) to drive significant bottom-line improvement and gains in overall performance.

With this approach we work to understand the risks inherent in mining and build processes that mitigate or eliminate the highest risk elements.  MPO also addresses these common reliability and performance issues: mining losses due to unplanned downtime, ineffective maintenance practices, lack of standardized processes, ineffective operator care practices, ineffective integration of scheduling (maintenance/production/mine schedules), logistics-related issues (waiting on equipment or material), and loss time due to material flow design. Clients using this targeted approach have increased performance by an average of 15%.

Depending on the specific situation and the scale of the selected value stream, implementing the MPO model typically lasts from 12 weeks to 12 months and can include the following elements:

  • We guide you through a value-stream mapping exercise that focuses the problem solving on identifying key loss and highest risk elements.
  • We may perform FMEAs on critical pieces of equipment identified through the value-stream mapping exercise to diagnose inherent failure modes and operational losses. Working with your team we conduct root cause analysis and create equipment maintenance plans or operational improvement measures to ensure sustainability.
  • We work with your team to create best-practice processes for startup, shutdown and changeover. Those processes are then standardized (standard work) to eliminate variability.
  • We add Lean / visual management elements to the solution. Visual management boards are implemented in the mining operation. Production/performance results are tracked and compared to goals. Critical downtime and loss causes are summarized using Pareto analysis so that the most important, highest impact issues are addressed to drive value. The work force is engaged in the problem-solving process for identifying corrective actions for addressing root cause issues.
  • We integrate change management throughout the process to fully engage the workforce and gain their active sponsorship and support for the changes in work processes, procedures and practices that are always a part of the solution. This change management component is essential to long-term, sustainable results.

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