40 Years of Excellence

In 2016 Life Cycle Engineering celebrated our 40th year of serving our clients – helping them accomplish their goals and improve performance in a reliable, cost-effective way.40 seal

In 1976 things were a bit different. Slide rules had already been replaced by calculators, but personal computers had not yet arrived. We created our Gantt charts by hand. Payroll was a manual process. Concepts, plans and schedules were communicated via phone or the U.S. Postal Service. There were no faxes, overnight packages or email. Our desks still featured physical “in” and “out” boxes for all our paperwork.

But certain things haven’t changed a bit. Life Cycle Engineering has grown significantly but not because growing the business was our primary goal. What motivated us from the beginning was finding clients with problems that we could solve with engineering tools, logic and analysis. Whether the client was operating ships, submarines, oil refineries or a manufacturing plant, the issues included not only the operating equipment but also the people and processes needed to keep things running.

We’ve honed the skill of listening carefully to the challenges our clients describe, using engineering analysis to pinpoint the real problems and prescribe how to resolve the issues that hamper performance. We understand that technical solutions alone may not be sustainable, so we apply sound change management principles to create solutions that last.

Life Cycle Engineering has remained true to our commitment to doing the right thing the right way, so that our clients are better off for having worked with us. In 40 years we have worked with hundreds of private companies and government programs. That adds up to a lot of problems solved.

New challenges excite us. If you haven’t already experienced working with Life Cycle Engineering we encourage you to contact us today. We’re ready to listen carefully and help you meet your goals.


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