Industry Focus: Consumer Products

Key Challenges

Our clients report they face the following challenges:

  • Harnessing Industry 4.0 technologies and data analytics
  • Talent acquisition, development, and retention
  • Increasing operating capacity without significant capital investment
  • Reducing costs and finding ways to operate more efficiently
  • Extending the life of operating assets

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      Here’s how we can help you meet these challenges

      • Align your Industry 4.0 strategy to your asset management strategy: Learn how LCE’s standard process of Assess, Define, and Deploy helps clients build a fit-for-purpose roadmap.
      • Develop a culture of ownership in your manufacturing operation leveraging Reliability Excellence.
      • Implement a holistic transformation to optimize your people, processes, assets, and technology.
      • Assess current state to identify opportunities to increase capacity and reduce costs.
      • Atlas Online System for Establishing Reliability and Maintenance Best Practices: Atlas accelerates the establishment and adoption of standard asset management processes.
      • LCE’s Preventive Maintenance Optimization services will maximize the life of your equipment.
      • The Life Cycle Institute offers a variety of courses and programs to help you develop the knowledge and skills of your most important asset – your people.


        • Whitepaper: The Building Blocks of Digital Transformation. Download now.
        • Whitepaper: Why You Need a Well-Structured Asset Hierarchy. Download now.
        • Whitepaper: Risk-based Asset Management. Download now.

        Why work with Life Cycle Engineering?

        Since 1976 LCE has helped companies effectively manage their asset portfolios while also realizing cost savings from resource prioritization, reduced failure costs and decreased downtime. Our experience in the consumer products industry combined with our commitment to help you solve critical business problems can deliver the execution and results you are looking for. To learn more about how we can help you with your specific challenges, please email

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