Key Factors to Achieving Reliability Excellence® (Rx)

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Life Cycle Engineering’s Asset Management (AM) and Reliability Excellence (Rx) Belief System

Life Cycle Engineering (LCE) is uniquely qualified to help you carry out your reliability improvement initiative based on more than 44 years of helping organizations like yours achieve success. Our ISO 55000-based Asset Management and Reliability Excellence models, and change management, program management and implementation methodologies have proven effective in hundreds of projects. Organizations seeking support for large-scale transformations turn to LCE as the trusted source for solutions that work and are sustainable.
LCE has focused on asset management and reliability practices since its inception in 1976. Our client base includes single-site companies as well as large corporations with multiple facilities. We successfully help our clients/partners change the culture within their organizations, and adopt asset management and reliability best practices to realize their overall business objectives. We also ensure our program is sustainable and forms the foundation for continuous improvement.

Our proven approach incorporates the following beliefs:

We believe that AM/Rx is a business process re-engineering program that is transformational in nature. As a result, it should be treated as a strategic business initiative.

We believe that leadership must champion and actively participate in implementing AM/Rx and be active and visible in the transformation. Informed leadership and management must fully understand reliability and ensure that resources are properly allocated. Reliability is an investment that reduces unit cost, increases availability, increases quality and improves safety. It is not a maintenance department cost-reduction project.

We believe that AM/Rx has a major impact on business processes that will result in enhanced states of reliability and requires a profound change of an organization’s culture. We believe that changing culture – the sum of our behaviors – is fundamental to sustainability.

We believe that beliefs must be changed before behavior changes.  And, we believe that education and knowledge transfer are keys to changing beliefs.  Without education and knowledge transfer, sustainable behavior change will not occur. We believe in “teaching you how to fish.”

We believe that one of the most effective ways to instill change in your organization is to impact all levels in the organization. Our reliability professionals are experts in their specific fields and are able to relate to individuals across multiple levels. They are change agents as well as technical experts.

We believe that we cannot ever over-communicate. Whether it’s between our management team and yours, between our consultants and your teams, or between your management and your floor, it’s important to communicate, communicate and communicate. 

We believe in a production-led reliability strategy with production owning the assets. While production leads, everyone is responsible for reliability, just as everyone is responsible for safety. We believe that asset utilization losses stem from engineering, procurement, sales, operations, maintenance and management, and that as a result, a sustainable solution requires significant input and change from all major functional groups. We believe forming partnerships between the groups is the first step toward removing barriers.

We believe
that creating equipment and process stability first, through AM/Rx, creates the foundation for sustainable benefits from implementing new business systems and/or lean manufacturing tools.

We believe if we don’t measure it, we won’t improve it. So each transformation will have customized dashboards and metrics of leading and lagging indicators appropriate for all levels of the organization, so that the return on investment is clear to everyone involved.

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