Materials Management

MRO Best Practices Assessment and Coaching

Storeroom operations that lack sound materials management practices contribute to high maintenance costs and low productivity. When Life Cycle Engineering (LCE) provides MRO Best Practices Assessment and Coaching your personnel will gain a clear understanding of materials best practices and understand how to implement them at your site, yielding lower maintenance and MRO costs.

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LCE will work with you to identify current gaps, transfer best-practice MRO knowledge, and chart a path forward for improvement through the use of an assessment, education and coaching.

Scope of Services:

Assessments, coaching in process development, and over-the-shoulder coaching in these areas:

  • Inventory Stock/Non-stock Process
  • Emergency Purchasing Process
  • Receiving Process
  • Incoming Inspection Process
  • Inventory Requisition Process
  • Inventory Issue Process
  • Cycle Counting Process
  • Return to Supplier Process
  • Planned Work Kitting Process
  • Obsolete Inventory Identification Process
  • Repairable Component Process
  • MRO Purchase Process
  • Equipment BOM Review Process
  • Inventory Stocking Process
  • Min/Max Level Review Process
  • Return to Inventory Process
  • Parts Master Data Management Process
  • Disposition of Parts not in Inventory


The LCE subject matter expert will teach the organization to deploy the required processes, resulting in an increased understanding of the important role that materials management plays in asset reliability.


  • MRO Assessment
  • Materials Management Fundamentals Overview Session
  • Coaching of storeroom personnel

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