Mechanical Engineering Project Examples

Mechanical Design of Motor Drive

In support of Converteam Navsys, Inc., LCE performed mechanical engineering design of cabinets for 4160V, 4000 HP, air-cooled motor drive used for driving large industrial AC induction motors.  The design effort included mounting and locating components, cooling system design, and power interconnections. The prototype unit has been built and is currently being tested.

Mechanical Design of Motor Drive

Ship Well Deck Systems

LCE performed the engineering and drafting required for development of installation and manufacturing drawings for replacement of wood in well decks of amphibious ships with new ultra-high-molecular-weight-polyethylene (UHMWPE) synthetic decking (U.S. Navy and foreign navies), and provided technical support during the installations. We also conducted similar efforts for application of UHMWPE as batterboards, downcomers and fender systems, and are currently evaluating application for helicopter flight decks and hangers and as fixed bull noses to replace roller systems on well deck islands. In addition, we are performing engineering studies for replacement of high-weight, high-maintenance ammunition magazine decking systems with light-weight corrosion-resistant composite materials under the U.S. Navy’s Engineering for Reduced Maintenance (ERM) program. These studies include evaluation of decking mechanical loads and fire resistance and installation requirements.


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