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Supporting the Navy Modernization Process: Meeting Major Milestones Required for a Successful RMMCO Check-In

The Navy Modernization Process (NMP) was established in 2004. The NMP mission is to provide a disciplined process to deliver operational and technical modifications to the naval surface fleet in an operationally effective and cost-efficient way. It defines a standard methodology to plan, budget, engineer, and install timely, effective, and affordable shipboard improvements while maintaining configuration management and supportability. This process is web enabled via the Navy Data Environment, a secure database and user interface that supports the NMP for effective and efficient process management.

Meeting all Major Milestones for Regional Maintenance & Modernization Coordination Office (RMMCO)

Installing hardware or software on a military ship entails many steps, forms, qualifications and approvals before someone can actually board the ship to execute the work. Creating Engineering Change Proposals (ECPs) and developing Ship Change Documents (SCDs) requires significant knowledge and expertise in order to achieve a successful check-in to RMMCO and prevent issues that can occur with the Quality Assurance (QA) Audit.

How LCE can help

LCE helps clients navigate the surface ship maintenance and modernization (SHIPMAIN) process from SCD approval to installation and ensures that the required paperwork is completed within the necessary time frame.

We help our clients accomplish the necessary milestones including the following:

  • SCD that has been approved by SEA04 
  • Configuration Management with Change Control Boards 
  • Alteration loaded to NM.Net by SEA05 
  • Integrated Logistics Support Package
    - ILS Certification
    - Approved Drawings
    - APL, XSFT files created
    - CDMD-OA File Loaded
    - DD-1149 paperwork
    - Technical Manuals
    - Planned Maintenance 
  • Work scheduled in NDE (Surface / Carriers)/ NTIRA and/or TAMS (Subs) 
  • Risk Assessment Message / Form Approved by FFC 
  • Environmental Qualification Testing (EQT) Approval from Technical Warrant Holder 
  • Information Assurance Software Package Approval (if applicable) 
  • Letter of Authorization (LOA) (if applicable) 
  • Modernization Readiness Assessments (MRA) (if applicable) 
  • Job Control Number (JCN) via SURFMEPP 
  • Approval of Quality System Plan / Letter 
  • QA Workbook (If installation work is being performed) 
  • Alteration Completion Report 
  • Surveillance Plan AMQAP 
  • Plan of Action and Milestones (POA&M) 
  • Memorandum For Record Waiver (MFR) – required for all ships and submarines within the five-year decommissioning window 

If you are interested in learning more about how LCE can help you efficiently navigate the RMMCO process, please contact [email protected]


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