Train-the-Trainer Training

Think back to a teacher who impacted your life. What did he or she do to make your learning experience engaging and meaningful? How did that teacher elicit a new awareness for learners?

For most people, teachers who motivate and encourage learners to discover and explore new knowledge and skills make the greatest impact. Even though an organization may have a management-supported program, eager learners and the best materials, if the class is not delivered in a way that opens participants to new knowledge and reinforces learning, the program’s effectiveness is dramatically decreased. A skilled learning facilitator is critical to changing behavior.

Train-the-Trainer (TTT) is an intensive 2½ day class that teaches the competencies required to accelerate understanding, raise retention and achieve buy-in whether you are training, coaching, presenting or leading meetings. During this course, you will acquire tools and techniques that increase learner comprehension, participation and retention.

The focus of this class is on facilitation skills. Learn what master facilitators do to deliver a participant-centered experience by creating a positive learning climate, leading content-driven activities, motivating learners, dealing with difficult participants and much more.

In This Training, Learn How To

  • Apply a repertoire of learning activities: openers (6), closers (3), energizers (6)
  • Demonstrate a bias for activities and flip charts instead of PowerPoint
  • Practice facilitating review and reflection on learning
  • Demonstrate a focus on active, measurable learning objectives
  • Recognize and adapt to learning styles and prior knowledge
  • Identify conflict and difficult students early and adapt
  • Choose when to instruct or facilitate based on the learning objectives and participant needs
  • Create a positive learning environment

Who Should Attend Training

Subject Matter Experts (SME) who want to become facilitators of learning; instructors or trainers interested in delivering participant-centered learning experiences; novice facilitators and team leaders responsible for producing results with people.

Available as a Private Class

Your training needs are unique. Unique needs may require customized, on-site training. Learn from practicing reliability professionals – on your site – at a time convenient for you – tailored for your environment.

Additional Information

Each course includes a comprehensive active learning manual. All students completing a class at the Life Cycle Institute will receive a certificate of completion awarding CEU’s.

For More Information on Train-the-Trainer Training

800-556-9589 | [email protected]

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